www.cleanairpartners.net - a public outreach web site developed for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and the Maryland Department of the Environment. The www.cleanairpartners.net web site presents air quality forecasts and data for four separate regions in the Washington, D.C. and Maryland area. The web site provides current and historical air quality data including hourly data graphs, daily and monthly views, and summaries by monitoring site and AQI category. The web site includes an e-mail notification system (AirAlert) that allows the public to sign up to receive daily air quality forecasts and real-time air quality alerts based upon user-selected regions and AQI thresholds. Users can choose to receive HTML-formatted e-mails or shortened versions for cell phones. The web site also includes a content management system enabling administrators to modify text content and post images. In addition, an event calendar feature allows administrators to schedule events and post associated files and images.     
www.michigan.gov/deqmiair - a public outreach web site developed for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, MIair is a comprehensive web application that includes real-time and historical data, air quality forecasts, current and historical ozone and PM maps (still images and animations), ozone action day information including visual display of counties affected. STI developed and hosts the MIair web site.     
www.sparetheair.com – a public outreach web site for the Spare The Air program in Sacramento, California. Developed for the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD), this web site contains a content management system to publish air quality news stories to your web site. Dynamic displays show forecasts, real-time air quality data, AQI information, and historical data pages. The web site includes a free e-mail advisory system (Air Alert) that allows the public to voluntarily sign up to receive daily air quality forecasts, SpareTheAir day and Health Advisory notices, and real-time air quality alerts. It also includes a web survey system to collect information about subscribers and their use of Air Alert. STI programmed the web site and built a content management system for the SMAQMD to manage the news stories, web polls, and Spare The Air banner features.     
www.mahoningvalleyair.org – a real-time reporting and forecast display web site for the Youngstown-Warren, Ohio, region. The web site includes historical data displays for viewing counts of days by area, AQI category, and year, counts of days by AQI category across multiple years, and historical air quality advisory days. Also included is an e-mail based air quality notification system (AirAlert) for sending action day alerts, real-time alerts, and daily forecasts. STI developed and hosts the site.     
www.mwcog.org/environment/air/forecast/ – web pages for reporting current air quality forecasts and historical air quality data. The historical data web pages (http://air.mwcog.org/) enable viewing AQI values by month/year, monitoring site, and pollutant, as well as detailed region-wide summaries for specified dates. STI developed and hosts these web pages.     
www.imperialvalleyair.org – a real-time air quality data reporting and ozone map display web site for the Imperial Valley, California, region. The site includes hourly AQI values for each monitoring site. Also included is an e-mail notification system (AirAlert) for sending automated real-time data alerts and manual notifications. STI developed and hosts the site.     
airquality.morpc1.org – a real-time and forecast outreach web site for the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC). This site presents forecast AQI levels for the Columbus, Ohio, region, dynamic displays of real-time ozone and PM2.5 data, and summaries of AQI levels by pollutant and site, and all pollutants and sites combined. STI built and hosts the site.     
www.smogcity2.org – an educational ozone simulator sponsored by the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD) and the U.S. EPA. SmogCity is an interactive simulator which allows visitors to adjust weather and air quality parameters related to the formation and build up of ozone concentrations and watch how those changes affect resulting ozone levels in a virtual environment. STI built this web site using a Java applet and hosts the site.     

Technical User and Special Purpose Web Sites:

www.airnowtech.org – a technical user web site for AirNow stakeholders to view data, manage monitoring sites, configure automated e-mail reports, and submit forecasts.     
AirNow-Tech Navigator web-based GIS tool.     
Real-time data display and monitoring tools.